Our Leadership Team

The Leadership Team of the Estuary Elim group of churches consists of Ordained Ministers, Pastors and Deacons.

Our Ministry Team

Our group of churches has a shared ministry team led by Rev David Redbond. All of our ministers preach in each of our locations on a regular basis. Some of the team are are also designated as local leaders with pastoral care responsibility for the people who attend specific locations on a regular basis.

01702 548438david.redbond @ estuaryelim.co.uk

Rev David Redbond

Senior Pastor, Estuary Elim Group of Churches

David is the Senior Minister of our group of churches.

Pastor David came to Ashingdon as Assistant Pastor in 1980, was appointed as the Senior Minister in 1985 and ordained in May 1986, having completed the necessary studies.

He was District Superintendent for several years, and is now part of the Regional governing body of Elim Churches.

David lives in Ashingdon with his wife Maureen, and they have four adult children and numerous grandchildren.

01702 322472paul.aldridge @ estuaryelim.co.uk

Pastor Paul Aldridge

Pastor and Local Leader Southend Elim

Paul became a Christian in 1996 & at 41 years old he joined Westcliff Elim Church & started training for ministry.

Paul was Youth Pastor at Westcliff for 7½ years, has been to South Africa, Zimbabwe & India with mission teams.

Paul led the Elim Church at Maldon from 2008 to June 2010 when he was appointed to Southend Elim with responsibility for Pastoral Care and Church Development.

Paul holds a Licence to Minister and lives in Southend with his wife Apryl, and has two children and two grand children.

07886 924099dean.courtier @ estuaryelim.co.uk

Rev Dean Courtier

Estuary Elim Group Pastor & Local Leader Ashingdon Elim

Dean has been part of the Estuary Elim ministry team since June 2008.

He became an Elim Licenced Minister in June 2010; accepted a call to full time ministry in September 2010; and was ordained in June 2015.

Dean has responsibility for preaching and teaching across the Estuary Elim Group of Churches.

He also is responsible for our websites, podcasts and in-house design. His background is design, brand management and marketing for professional & financial services.

He lives in Rochford with his wife, Hanna, and has 2 adult children.

01702 204326simon.law @ estuaryelim.co.uk

Rev Simon Law

Group Pastor and Local Leader Ashingdon Elim

Simon was appointed to the team as a trainee minister in 2005, having previously completed two years at London Bible College.

He was ordained in June 2010 and is currently Music Director for the Estuary Elim Group of churches.

Simon previously worked as a manager at Ford Motor Company for several years.

Simon is married to Karen and they have four children.

01702 544922keith.maynard @ estuaryelim.co.uk

Pastor Keith Maynard

Chaplain, Estuary Elim Group of Churches

Keith is a retired Design Engineer with over 40 years experience as an itinerant preacher.

Keith was granted a Licence to Minister in 2006.

As well as being Group Chaplin for the Estuary Elim Group of Churches, Keith has specific responsibility for our ministry in St Luke's Place in Rochford. He is also part of the Southend Hospital Chaplaincy Team.

Keith and his wife Daphne live in Rochford and have four adult sons.

07530 101938paul.turner @ estuaryelim.co.uk

Rev Paul Turner

Group Pastor, Estuary Elim Group of Churches

Paul joined our group ministry team in September 2019. He is an ordained minister and has led a number of Elim churches in the UK.

Paul preaches regularly in all of the Estuary Elim Churches and is also part of the local leadership team for Rayleigh Elim.

He lives in Westcliff with his wife Yvonne.

01245 600138tony.tween @ estuaryelim.co.uk

Rev Tony Tween

Group Pastor, Estuary Elim Group of Churches

Tony joined our group ministry team in September 2008.

An ordained minister, he has also been part of the ministry team at Life Church Chelmsford (an Elim church) for many years.

Tony preaches regularly in all of the Estuary Elim Churches and is also part of the local leadership team for Rayleigh Elim.

He lives in Chelmsford with his wife Brenda.

Our Deacons

A deacon is a person who has been elected by other church members to serve as an officer of the church. Our deacons have specific defined duties and responsibilities across our group of churches.

Samantha Murphy

Samantha Dobie

Trevor Dobie

Trevor Dobie

Alison Iley

Alison Iley

Andrea James

Andrea James

Graham Regan

Graham Regan